In this article, the co-editors of the Leadership and Ethics: Quantitative Analysis section of the journal outline some of the key issues about conducting quantitative research at the intersection of business, ethics, and leadership. They ofer guidance for authors by explaining the types of papers that are often rejected and how to avoid some common pitfalls that lead to rejection. They also ofer some ideas for future research by drawing upon the opinions of four noted experts in the feld to consider the types of research questions we should be asking, the types of theory we should be building, the types of models we should be testing, and the types of methods we should be using.
Journal of Business Ethics
Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

Leroy, H., Palanski, M., Newman, A, Moore, C., Hannah, S., & Den Hartog, D. (2019). Quantitative Research on Leadership and Business Ethics: Examining the State of the Field and an Agenda for Future Research. Journal of Business Ethics. Retrieved from