The aim of this thesis is to gain insight into the role of social inequalities in explaining the differences in health between the United States and Western Europe. The first part of this thesis assesses the contribution of educational inequalities in health to the explanation of the US health disadvantage. The second part of this thesis assesses the contribution of work and family factors (separately and jointly) in explaining the US health disadvantage.

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F.J. van Lenthe (Frank) , J.P. Mackenbach (Johan) , M. Avendano (Mauricio)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The studies presented in this thesis have been supported by the National Institute on Aging (Project number: 5R01AG040248-05) and the seventh Framework Programme from the European Commission (Grant agreement ID: 278511).
Department of Public Health

van Hedel, K. (2019, October 2). Explaining the US Health Disadvantage: The role of social inequalities. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from