Objective: To determine the predictive value of the fetal omphalocele circumference/abdominal circumference (OC/AC) ratio for type of surgical closure and survival and to describe the trajectory of OC/AC ratio throughout gestation. Methods: This cohort study included all live-born infants prenatally diagnosed with an omphalocele in our tertiary centre (2000–2017) with an intention to treat. The OC/AC ratio and liver position were determined using 2D ultrasound at three periods during gestation (11–16, 17–26, and/or 30–38 weeks). Primary outcome was type of closure; secondary outcome was survival. In the secondary analyses, the predictive value of the OC/AC-ratio trend for type of closure and survival was assessed. Results: Primary closure was performed in 37/63 (59%) infants, and 54/63 (86%) survived. The OC/AC ratio was predictive for type of closure and survival in all periods. Optimal cut-off values for predicting closure decreased throughout gestation from 0.69 (11–16 weeks) to 0.63 (30–38 weeks). Repeated OC/AC-ratio measurements were available in 33 (73%) fetuses. The trend of the OC/AC ratio throughout gestation was not significantly associated with type of closure. All infants without liver herniation underwent primary closure. Conclusion: Type of omphalocele surgical closure and survival can be predicted prenatally on the basis of the OC/AC ratio and liver herniation independent of associated anomalies. Learning objective: The reader will be able to use the OC/AC ratio throughout gestation in all omphalocele cases for prediction of type of closure and survival and thus patient counselling.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1002/pd.5546, hdl.handle.net/1765/119323
Journal Prenatal Diagnosis
Peters, N.C.J, Hijkoop, A, Lechner, R.L. (Rosan L.), Eggink, A.J, van Rosmalen, J. (Joost), Tibboel, D. (Dick), … Cohen-Overbeek, T.E. (2019). The validity of the viscero-abdominal disproportion ratio for type of surgical closure in all fetuses with an omphalocele. Prenatal Diagnosis. doi:10.1002/pd.5546