This article explores to what extent God and his works can be understood in terms of entrepreneurship. We give several theological reasons for using this lens, and we survey briefly the use of the word ‘oikonomia’ in the New Testament, the early church, and Reformed theology. Thereafter, we investigate how the entrepreneurship metaphor fits the narrative of the Bible.We argue that by looking at how features of entrepreneurship can be found in the way in which the triune God acts, we obtain a more comprehensive view on our history as a risky drama between God and humanity. The metaphor also highlights the important role played by humans in letting creation flourish.

entrepreneurship – Reformed theology – biblical narrative – oikonomia – creation – doctrine of God
Journal of Reformed Theology
Department of Applied Economics

Van der Kooi, C, & Rietveld, C.A. (2019). God and His Works from an Entrepreneurship Perspective. Journal of Reformed Theology. Retrieved from