This thesis provides information about complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) confined to the knee, which is an often unrecognized presentation.

Research has been done in
1. literature already published about knee CRPS,
2. the clinical presentation of this location at the time of diagnosis and after years of follow-up compared to the more known CRPS locations (hand and foot), and
3. the possibility of treating this specific location of CRPS with neurostimulation.

Additional Metadata
Keywords Complex regionaal pijnsyndroom, CRPS, Knie, Vergelijking, Diagnose, Behandeling, Uitkomst
Promotor F.J.P.M. Huygen (Frank) , D.L. Stronks (Dirk)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Persistent URL
van Bussel, C.M. (2019, December 12). Complex Regional Pain Syndrome confined to the Knee, an unrecognized presentation. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from