As online reviews play a decisive role in consumers’ purchase decisions, e-commerce platforms are using review systems strategically to obtain a competitive advantage. However, the strategic potential can only be leveraged if the review system is designed appropriately. Research on the design of review systems and the effects of design choices has not yet been summarized or synthesized in a review article. We aim to close this gap by providing a scoping review. In our synthesis we posit that the design of review systems moderates the impact of online reviews on economic outcomes and the factors that drive the formation of reviews. After reviewing current research findings, we identify gaps and provide a research agenda covering three key themes: Design features, environments, and devices.

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The Journal of Strategic Information Systems
Department of Technology and Operations Management

Gutt, D., Neumann, J, Zimmermann, S, & Kundisch, D. (2019). Design of Review Systems – A Strategic Instrument to shape Online Reviewing Behavior and Economic Outcomes. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 28(2), 104–117. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2019.01.004