This multi-method study aims to shed light on digital platforms' decisions regarding their openness. Platform openness results from a series of decisions on how open a platform is regarding: (a) suppliers, (b) customers, (c) complementary service providers, as well as to (d) product categories and (e) channels. By conducting a scoping literature review, we analyze the current body of knowledge about the drivers, dimensions and outcomes of platform openness. Using an expert panel discussion and analysis of real-world digital platforms, we confront this existing knowledge with current business challenges to identify research challenges. We address how future research can advance platform research by tackling these challenges.

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Keywords Digital platforms, Platform openness, Value creation, Value appropriation, Drivers of openness
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Journal Journal of Business Research
Broekhuizen, T.L.J., Emrich, O., Gijsenberg, M.J., Donkers, A.C.D, Broekhuis, M.J.C, & Sloot, L.M. (2019). Digital platform openness: Drivers, dimensions and outcomes. Journal of Business Research. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2019.07.001