This article discusses the storytelling strategies adopted by luxury fashion companies to build global brands from the 1990s onwards. Using the example of Christian Dior, it is demonstrated that heritage is a social construction based on strong narratives rather than the mere outcome of the history of a brand. Storytelling is a powerful instrument used in the context of creating global luxury brands over the last two decades. This makes it possible to emphasize the timelessness of a brand while disregarding the contradictions resulting from a change in its identity over time. As a consequence, this article argues that, although the use of heritage through storytelling is a useful tool for the practice of brand management, it is not an academic concept and should be avoided by scholars.

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Keywords Business history, Christian Dior, Global brand, Heritage, John Galliano, Licensing, Storytelling
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Journal International Journal of Fashion Studies
Donzé, P.-Y. (Pierre-Yves), & Wubs, B. (2019). Storytelling and the making of a global luxury fashion brand: Christian dior. International Journal of Fashion Studies, 6(1), 83–102. doi:10.1386/infs.6.1.83_1