This study proposes a new measure of emotions suitable for research with children. Emotions play a key role in shaping children’s responses to advertising, but research on these influences is scarce and underdeveloped. Measuring emotions is challenging, especially with children. The field lacks convenient measurement instruments; in response, this article reports on the development and validation, in a television-advertising context, of a new, self-reported, nonverbal emotion-measurement instrument for children that can assess basic emotions. It is well suited to 8- to 11-year-olds and can be used by practitioners or academics as well as in international contexts without requiring language translation.,
Journal of Advertising Research
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vanhamme, J., & Chiu, C.-K. (Chung-Kit). (2019). Measuring different emotions in children with a pictorial scale: A self-reported nonverbal tool measures the emotions children experience when exposed to Ads. Journal of Advertising Research, 59(3), 370–380. doi:10.2501/JAR-2018-032