Prospective identification of lipid-rich vulnerable plaque has remained an elusive goal. Intravascular photoacoustics, a hybrid optical and ultrasonic technology, was developed as a tool for lipid-rich plaque imaging. Here, we present the first in vivo images of lipid-rich coronary atherosclerosis acquired with this new technology in a large animal model, and relate them to independent catheter-based imaging and histology

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Keywords • intravascular ultrasound • optical coherence tomography • other imaging modalities
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Journal EuroIntervention
Iskander-Rizk, S, Wu, M, Springeling, T, van Beusekom, H.M.M, Mastik, F, Hekkert, M.T.L, … van Soest, G. (2019). In vivo intravascular photoacoustic imaging of plaque lipid in coronary atherosclerosis. EuroIntervention, 15(5), 452–45+. doi:10.4244/eij-d-19-00318