The public sector requires job crafting from employees so that they can better cope with overdemanding jobs due to layer upon layer of public management reforms. Simultaneously, however, red tape and austerity constrain job autonomy. This study therefore tests how job crafting can be fostered in public organizations by studying social resources at work and, specifically, empowering leadership and social support. Multilevel analyses based on survey data from 1,059 nurses in 67 public elderly care organizations in Flanders, Belgium, show that empowering leadership and social support contribute to job crafting and, simultaneously, strengthen each other’s contribution. Additional analyses showed that empowering leadership, social support, as well as their interaction have differential relations vis-à-vis the different dimensions of job crafting. The implications for public management are discussed.

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Public Personnel Management
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Audenaert, M. (Mieke), George, B., Bauwens, R., Decuypere, A. (Anouk), Descamps, A.-M. (Anne-Marie), Muylaert, J. (Jolien), … Decramer, A. (Adelien). (2019). Empowering Leadership, Social Support, and Job Crafting in Public Organizations: A Multilevel Study. Public Personnel Management. doi:10.1177/0091026019873681