There are no reports of acute pump thrombosis in the latest, continuous flow left ventricular assist devices type HeartMate 3, other than thrombus ingestion. We present a case of early thrombosis of the pump and outflow graft, necessitating acute pump and outflow graft replacement. A combination of lowflow episodes and subtherapeutic levels of anticoagulation was the most likely cause. ASAIO Journal 2019; 65:e72–e74.

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Asaio Journal
Department of Cardiology

Bunge, J.J.H., den Uil, C., Constantinescu, A.C., Budde, R.P.J., van de Maat, A., & Caliskan, K. (2019). Acute Pump Thrombosis in the Early Postoperative Period After HeartMate 3 Implantation. Asaio Journal, 65(7), E72–E74. doi:10.1097/mat.0000000000000932