Imaging guidance is paramount to procedural success in minimally invasive interventions. Catheterbased therapies are the standard of care in the treatment of many cardiac disorders, including coronary artery disease, structural heart disease and electrophysiological conditions. Many of these diseases are caused by, or effect, a change in vasculature or cardiac tissue composition, which can potentially be detected by photoacoustic imaging. This review summarizes the state of the art in photoacoustic imaging approaches that have been proposed for intervention guidance in cardiovascular care. All of these techniques are currently in the preclinical phase. We will conclude with an outlook towards clinical applications.,
Physics in Medicine and Biology
Department of Cardiology

Iskander-Rizk, S., van der Steen, T., & van Soest, G. (2019). Photoacoustic imaging for guidance of interventions in cardiovascular medicine. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 64(16). doi:10.1088/1361-6560/ab1ede