The paper analyses the main implications of cultural policies on theatres in the city of Cali from the perspective of their directors. Elements such as objectives, entrepreneurial skills and economic aspects of cultural policy are related to the economic dimensions that cultural organisations must take into account. Seven theatre directors in Cali were contacted to see how they are coping with such dimensions using semi-structured interviews and some additional information accessible through the Internet, or provided by the directors themselves. Despite the willingness expressed by the Colombian government in the formulation and structure of cultural policy through different plans and government agencies, in the eyes of directors such efforts are insufficient for the growth and sustainability of their theatres.

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International Journal of Arts Management
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vecco, M., & Arrunátegui, P.A.M. (Paola Andrea Muñoz). (2016). Cultural policies in the mirror of theatre directors in cali. International Journal of Arts Management, 18(SpecialEdition), 84–101. Retrieved from