In 1988 the Rotterdam School of Management and Fairfield University conducted jointly a survey in twenty-one banks and twenty insurance companies in Europe and the U.S. The purpose was to examine corporate communication practices in comparable service industries on two continents. Central questions were: How is corporate communication organized; how are resources allocated; what strategies are used; what values are reflected in different communication activities such as advertising, public relations, communication relations, and employee communication; how are messages shaped for diverse audiences and customer groups; and how much importance is attached to corporate identification symbols. This article reports on the European results of that survey. The complete report is published in van Riel & Nedela, Profiles in Corporate Communication in Financial Institutions, Eburon, Delft, 1989. Dr. van Riel is director of the Corporate Communication Centre, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

ERIM Article Series (EAS)
Public Relations Review: a global journal of research and comment
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

van Riel, C. (1992). Corporate Communication in European Financial Institutions. Public Relations Review: a global journal of research and comment, 161–175. doi:10.1016/0363-8111(92)90007-L