This paper analyses principles of equal treatment and rights of residence of EU citizens in the UK before and after Brexit, regarding EU laws as cultivars. By using horticultural metaphors such as cultivars, runners, cuttings and layering for the laws, and cultivators and gardeners for the actors, the analysis brings a new set of metaphors into the plethora of metaphors used by comparative lawyers, in the hope of illustrating the status of EU laws in the UK, regarded here as our allotment. Before Brexit, after Brexit and the form that Brexit might take are all considered.1.

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Keywords Allotment, Cultivators, EU laws: equal treatment, Gardeners, Horticultural metaphors: cultivars, Layering, Legal transplants, Rights of residence of EU citizens, Runners
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Journal Journal of International and Comparative Law
Attwooll, E. (Elspeth), Burrows, N. (Noreen), & Örücü, E. (Esin). (2019). EU laws as cultivars in the UK before and after brexit. Journal of International and Comparative Law, 6(2), 331–346. Retrieved from