In the coming decades, the world will see many changes in its environment which are liable and threatening to all the life on the planet. In this paper, we will try to visualize and form a connection between one of the most dangerous form of natural calamity, hurricanes and the climatic changes over the past century by collecting all the data available to us regarding the same. We have used the RStudio software for all the visualizations done in this paper.

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Keywords Climate Change, Dataset Visualization, Global Warming, Hurricanes, Nature, Temperature
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Journal Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera
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Rajasekaran, R. (Rajkumar), Govinda, K. (K.), Jindal, A. (Anushka), Mehtani, R. (Rushil), Masih, J. (Jolly), & Sai, M.C. (Maddineni Charan). (2019). Visualization effect of changing climatic trends on natural calamities: Hurricanes. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera, 50(3), 1–38. doi:10.36872/lepi/v50i3/201022