Pyogenic liver abscess (PLA) formation is a rare complication of Crohn's disease (CD). As symptoms often mimic a CD exacerbation, diagnosis can be delayed leading to severe disease. The current case report describes a case of a patient with a history of CD that was admitted with multiple PLAs, which persisted despite percutaneous drainage combined with antibiotics. After a sigmoid resection, the liver abscesses diminished rapidly.

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BMJ Case Reports
Department of Surgery

Pielage, M. (Marin), Vogels, S. (Sanne), Hoencamp, R., & van den Bremer, J. (2019). Treating pyogenic liver abscesses secondary to diverticulitis in a patient using immunosuppressants for Crohn's disease by performing a sigmoid colectomy. BMJ Case Reports, 12(12). doi:10.1136/bcr-2019-231031