The majority of the world’s smallholders live in countries that experience(d) socialism, but they largely remain invisible in agrarian studies. This special issue puts the spotlight on post-socialist smallholders, asking whether, and how, they (1) fulfil important functions in society; (2) engage in resistance (against the state or corporate actors); and (3) constitute an alternative to the industrial agri-food system. We find that post-socialist smallholders rarely confront the mainstream agri-food system head-on, but that they make a larger contribution to sustainability, community and food sovereignty than do smallholders or alternative agriculture in the “West”.

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Keywords alternative food networks, food sovereignty, post-socialism, resistance, Smallholders
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Journal Canadian Journal of Development Studies
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Visser, O, Dorondel, S, Jehlička, P, & Spoor, M.N. (2019). Post-socialist smallholders: silence, resistance and alternatives. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 40(4), 499–510. doi:10.1080/02255189.2019.1688649