How a firm is perceived has implications for strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and firm outcomes. However, strategic management researchers have traditionally devoted less attention to theories that address these perceptual implications. This special topic forum (STF) includes six articles that use a sociocognitive lens to help expand our theoretical understanding of strategy and strategic management. A sociocognitive perspective encompasses how observers perceive, interpret, and make sense of an organization's strategic processes, actions, and related outcomes. The goal of this STF is therefore to advance theory in an integral domain of management scholarship while also augmenting well-known frameworks for teaching and practice. Specifically, the articles not only reflect the work that has taken place over the past three decades but also generate important theoretical and practical advances. We introduce each article, explain the key strategic questions it addresses, and offer suggestions for future research.

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Journal Academy of Management Review
Pfarrer, M.D. (Michael D.), Devers, C.E. (Cynthia E.), Corley, K. (Kevin), Cornelissen, J.P, Lange, D. (Donald), Makadok, R. (Richard), … Weber, L. (Libby). (2019). Sociocognitive perspectives in strategic management. Academy of Management Review, 44(4), 767–774. doi:10.5465/amr.2019.0185