In the last two decades, we have witnessed the rising of new international news networks such as Al Jazeera, Russian Today, and TRT World in order to challenge the main media corporations of the Western world like, CNN, BBC, and MSNBC, etc. particularly on the news regarding the Middle East. While the results of the Gulf War in 1990 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003 have made checks and balances on Western news associations necessary, Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based broadcaster, emerged as a remarkable voice by taking the role of a contra-flow news agency, and succeeded in producing different and original opinions within its region in the international news arena. In this context, this study selected a critical approach to TRT World, one of the recent news players in the region of the Middle East, in order to identify if it is achievable for the channel to bring a unique perspective on the news regarding the Middle East, as Al Jazeera has accomplished. A critical discourse analysis was conducted by analyzing the news reports of TRT World and Al Jazeera’s stories regarding the Syrian Civil War. However, the study results suggest that TRT World misses the claim of ‘‘new and accurate perspectives ‘to the international arena due to political factors.

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Keywords TRT World, Al Jazeera, discourse analysis, global media, Syrian war
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Journal Journal of Communication
Sim, S, & Goksu, F. (2019). A Comparative Discourse Analysis of TRT World and Al Jazeera News Channels on the News Reports of the Syrian War. Journal of Communication, 57, 1–18. doi:10.26650/CONNECTIST2019-0068