This article introduces the special issue ‘Reducing work pressure using positive interventions’. Reducing the work pressure is prominent on the policy agenda in many sectors. However, most policies are limited to curative interventions, aiming to resolve negative consequences of high work pressure. However, it is desirable to prevent such negative consequences by tackling the causes of work pressure at their source and by focusing more on preventive rather than reactive interventions. Insights from positive psychology emphasize that interventions that reinforce positive aspects of work or of working people are particularly effective in preventing the negative consequences of work pressure. The four articles in the special issue offer innovative, scientific insights into positive interventions to reduce work pressure.

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Keywords Job resources, Personal resources, Positive interventions, Work pressure
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Journal Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie
Kroon, B, Meyers, C. (Christina), & van Woerkom, M. (2019). Reducing workload through positive interventions Het verlagen van werkdruk door de inzet van positieve interventies. Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie, 32(4), 217–224. Retrieved from