ands. The time series analysis, covering the period 1953–1993, allows for different types of government spending. In general, spending is inspired by ideological and opportunistic motives: all government expenditure categories show an upward drift during election times and the partisan motives behind government spending are clearly revealed: left-wing cabinets attach greater importance to social security and health care than right-wing cabinets and right-wing cabinets value expenditure on infrastructure and defense more than left-wing parties. Constructive comments by Frans van Winden, Wilko Letterie, Peter Cornelisse, Arie Ros, André de Moor, Harry ter Rele and an anonymous referee are gratefully acknowledged.

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Keywords Netherlands, government spending, public finance
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Journal Public Choice
van Dalen, H.P, & Swank, O.H. (1996). Government Spending Cycles: Ideological or Opportunistic?. Public Choice, 183–200. doi:10.1007/BF00114285