Value in health care is defined as the health outcome achieved per unit of cost. For health care systems, improving value means achieving better outcomes at lower costs. Improving outcomes, including patient-reported outcomes (PROs), as well as more established metrics such as mortality and complication rates, ensures high-quality care. This is particularly true in breast cancer surgery, where survival and recurrence rates are comparable across different surgical approaches. Outcomes reflecting survivorship quality may therefore better inform decision making regarding surgical approaches. PROs can be assessed using validated instruments known as patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). They are obtained directly from patients reflecting their health-related quality of life (HRQOL). Ongoing initiatives strive to define PROMs that accurately reflect HRQOL and demonstrate value, with the goal of establishing benchmarks for quality of care. Clinicians caring for patients with breast cancer are well positioned to be involved in defining meaningful measures of value-based breast cancer care. This article reviews value-based breast cancer care in the context of locoregional therapy, with attention paid to the work done by the International Consortium of Health Outcome Measures in which a “standard set” of value-based patient-centered outcomes for breast cancer for international use is defined. In addition, an overview is provided of relevant PROMs and previously reported scores. Recommendations and future challenges for implementation of routine collection of PROs are also discussed. Implications for Practice: Opportunity exists to act as early adopters of the routine collection of longitudinal patient-reported outcome data for breast cancer, allowing transition of current care to value-based cancer care.

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Keywords Breast cancer surgery, Patient-reported outcome measures, Quality of life, Value-based cancer care
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Journal The Oncologist
Lagendijk, M, Mittendorf, E. (Elizabeth), King, T.A. (Tari A.), Gibbons, C. (Christopher), Pusic, A. (Andrea), & Dominici, L.S. (Laura S.). (2019). Incorporating Patient-Reported Outcome Measures into Breast Surgical Oncology: Advancing Toward Value-Based Care. The Oncologist. doi:10.1634/theoncologist.2019-0355