Personality research suggests that the prediction of organizational behavior can be improved by examining thecriterion-related validity of narrow personality facets. In the current study, we provide meta-analytic effect sizeestimates (k= 29) for the relations of all HEXACO domains and facets with workplace deviance and re-analyzeavailable data (k= 9) to compare the criterion-related validity of the HEXACO domains with that of theirconstituent facets. Findings provided evidence for a masking effect among the facets of Honesty-Humility and acancellation effect among the facets of Openness to Experience. Furthermore, facets generally outperformeddomains in predicting workplace deviance. This was most notable for the Fairness facet, which explained almostas much variance in workplace deviance as all six HEXACO domains combined. These results suggest that using afew HEXACO facets to predict workplace deviance can be more efficient than using all six broad domains.

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Keywords Personality, HEXACO, Workplace deviance, Counterproductive work behavior, Domains, Facets
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Journal Personality and Individual Differences
Pletzer, J.L, Oostrom, J.K, Bentvelzen, M, & de Vries, R.E. (2019). Comparing domain-and facet-level relations of the HEXACO personality model with workplace deviance. Personality and Individual Differences, 152. Retrieved from