In globalization era, the role of ports is significant as the frontline of global trade. A port, as starting place of a port-city, delivers various impacts to city, not only positive impacts but also negative impacts during its operational activities and development. To deal with these port impacts, the port-city government should implement integrated policies to achieve sustainable development. This integration will cover land use, transportation and environment aspects. The existence of port-cities is important for Indonesia because as a big archipelagic state, Indonesia has over 294 ports which are located in port-cities. Semarang port-city, one of major port-cities in Java Island, is chosen as a case study because of its history since 1775 as a port-city and as a capital of the province in the colonial period in Java. The aim of this research is defining the role of integrated policy making in achieving sustainable development in Semarang port-city. The research design is a case study using qualitative data analysis and con/text analysis methods. Field work has been conducted in 2018 for 2.5 months by conducting observation and in-depth interviews. This paper discusses land use policy of Semarang and its response to impacts of port in Semarang only. The preliminary results indicate a complexity of authority among key stakeholders and a time constraint in process of making land use policy so that policy integration process will be more challenging. In addition there are involvements many policy makers who come from cross-sectoral and even stakeholders with different authority. Ultimately, the paper observes that to come to integrated policy making a framework for sustainable land use in port-cities relation needs to get a priority to realize the desired policy outcomes.

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Keywords integrated policy, sustainable development, port-cities, port impacts, land use, Semarang
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Irfani, M, Geerlings, H, & Scholten, P.H.T. (2019). The implementation of integrated policy concept in sustainable port-city develepment: a casedyudy about land use in Samerang. Retrieved from