Digital mediation is implicated in the production of cultural identity in multiple ways. The representations produced and circulated on social media platforms, along with the ubiquitous nature of these platforms, become part and parcel of the production and performance of cultural identity. This paper investigates discourses of Facebook mediation and cultural identity among a sample of international undergraduates in media and communication at a major Dutch university. The analysis of 43 written student essays reveals four discourses: Facebook as a mirror of cultural identity, as a cultural mosaic, as a site of cultural difference and as an opportunity for critical reflection on the idea of cultural identity. Interestingly, these discourses are permeated by a recurrent vision of individual control of both mediation and cultural identity. This article discusses the ideological work entailed in these discourses, calling for more awareness raising on the ways in which social media actively construct social reality.

Cultural identity, Discourse, Facebook, Higher education, International students, Mediation, Social media,
International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics
Department of History

Dumitrica, D. (2019). Facebook and cultural identity: Discourses on mediation among international students. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 15(3), 303–322. doi:10.1386/macp_00003_1