Alliance portfolios enable firms to access and integrate multiple resources from different, simultaneous partners. We assess the extent to which alliance portfolio coordination benefits focal firms along three alliance portfolio characteristics: alliance portfolio size, the complementarity of the resources available through the portfolio, and the degree to which relation-specific investments are made across the portfolio. Based on a questionnaire completed by 444 Dutch companies, we found that the three portfolio characteristics play an important role in creating benefits for focal firms through their portfolios. Additionally, our findings suggest that alliance portfolio coordination is an important element in dealing with the challenge of managing portfolios, in that it shapes the effect of the other portfolio characteristics.

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European Management Journal
Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

van Wijk, R.A.J.L, & Nadolska, A. (2020). Making More Of Alliance Portfolios: The Role Of Alliance Portfolio Coordination. European Management Journal. doi:10.1016/j.emj.2019.12.009