During the last five years the CJEU had to decide on more than 50 preliminary references in the area of consumer contract law. As a consequence there are far more than 100 decisions available which represent the increasingly concrete basis for a European contract law. Particularly striking is the rising number of questions referred to the CJEU by the new Member States. With regard to quantity two fields stand out: legal conflicts about financial services of all kinds and about passenger rights. Since the CJEU has developed independent dogmatics for some areas of contract law, it might be necessary to rethink legal categories on the national level.

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European review of contract law (ERCL)
Civil Law - Sectie Burgerlijk Recht

Kas, B., & Micklitz, H. W. (2014). Overview of cases before the CJEU on European Consumer Contract Law (2008–2013) – Part I. European review of contract law (ERCL), 10(1), 1–63. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/123594