Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM) has been subjected to a number of examinations, all concluding that PSM is not an academic discipline as it lacks its own theories and common themes of research. It is perceived by many as an applied social science and field of research applying theories from other disciplines. But, to date, these examinations have not revealed more definitively what PSM is, i.e., its identity. This Notes and Debates paper was stimulated by two focused meetings, a question panel at IPSERA 2019 and solicited views from IPSERA participants. These were synthesized and developed through grounding them in identity and social identity theories. They are provided to stimulate the debate on PSM's internal and external identity coherence and legitimacy.

Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management
Department of Technology and Operations Management

Ellram, L., Harland, C., van Weele, A.J., Essig, M, Johnsen, T., Nassimbeni, G., … Wynstra, J.Y.F. (2019). Purchasing and supply management's identity: Crisis? What crisis?. Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, 25(5). Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/123694