Sustainability and money often seem like opposite ends of the pole – sustainability the way to a purer world, money its tainted obstacle. Analysts often struggle to integrate sustainability into investing; but we need money to reach our greener goals. This case provides a tool to integrate sustainability into investment, driving the analyst to view the whole rather than the parts, and to steer funding to sustainable companies without sacrificing return. It is a journey into a company’s true value as opposed to financial tourist highlights and, ultimately, a way of aligning profit with purpose.

Sustainability, Sustainable finance, Sustainable investment, Sustainable development, Sustainable economy, Sustainable credit analysis, Fundamental equity analysis, Shareholder value, Stakeholder value, Value creation, Value drivers, Business models, Triple bottom line, Doughnut economics
RSM Case Development Centre

Based on published sources; 20 pages.
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Schoenmaker, D, Schramade, W.L.J, & Nolan, J. (2019). Shifting from Shareholder to Stakeholder Model: Using Sustainable Investment to Align Profit with Purposefulness. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from