Parenteral nutrition (PN) is a complex and specialized form of nutrition support that has revolutionized the care for both pediatric and adult patients with acute and chronic intestinal failure (IF). This has led to the development of multidisciplinary teams focused on the management of patients receiving PN: nutrition support teams (NSTs). In this review we aim to discuss the historical aspects of IF management and NST development, and the practice, composition, and effectiveness of multidisciplinary care by NSTs in patients with IF. We also discuss the experience of two IF centers as an example of contemporary NSTs at work. An NST usually consists of at least a physician, nurse, dietitian, and pharmacist. Multidisciplinary care by an NST leads to fewer complications including infection and electrolyte disturbances, and better survival for patients receiving short- and long-term PN. Furthermore, it leads to a decrease in inappropriate prescriptions of short-term PN leading to significant cost reduction. Complex care for patients receiving PN necessitates close collaboration between team members and NSTs from other centers to optimize safety and effectiveness of PN use.

intestinal failure, nutrition support team, parenteral nutrition,

Vlug, L.E. (Lotte E.), Nagelkerke, S.C.J. (Sjoerd C J), Jonkers-Schuitema, C, Rings, E.H.H.M. (Edmond H H M), & Tabbers, M.M. (2020). The Role of a Nutrition Support Team in the Management of Intestinal Failure Patients. Nutrients (Vol. 12). doi:10.3390/nu12010172