In this article we describe the design and implementation of PsyWeb, a rich learning environment for the new problem based study in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam Experiences are reported for the first five (of eight) courses of the first year of the new study. Students opinions have been collected as part of a survey at the end of each course. Results indicate that students are positive about PsyWeb. The overall appreciation shows a slight increase over time. Starting with the second course, usage of PsyWeb has been logged. Usage has been quantified in terms of the number of unique IP-addresses per day. Using this measure we assume that PsyWeb has a student reach between 25% and 100% per day. Usage shows a slight increase over the courses. The implementation of a series of additions to PsyWeb has been planned for the next year.

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Department of Psychology

Koehorst, A., Ronteltap, F., Schmidt, H., & te Winkel, W. (2002). Design, Implementation and Evaluation of PsyWeb, a Learning Environment in a Problem Based Learning Curriculum. Retrieved from