This study introduces the Cultural Valorisation, an evaluation method developed for small museums, considering the balance between their cultural and business aspects. Small museums are underrated organisations; although similar to large museums, they have distinctive characteristics: low budget, polyvalent staff and indispensable volunteers.
Purposes are the fundamental reasons for their existences. Museums must be faithful to their purposes – deviating from them may be harmful. This study introduces ‘purpose- drift’, as consequence of either excess or deficiency of managerial practices, bureaucracy, or marketing.

museum, evaluation, hybrid organisation, culture, purpose, sustainability
A. Klamer (Arjo) , Prof.dr. L. Zan
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Arts & Culture Studies

Do Carmo, J.A. (2020, January 16). Cultural Valorisation: A comprehensive and pondered perspective for the evaluation of small museums. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from