This thesis enriches the body of knowledge around pluripotency by describing a novel pluripotent state. It deepens our understanding of cell biology, the processes establishing pluripotency and provides new insights into improving the process of artificial generation of pluripotent cells.

pluripotent stem cells, mouse embryonic stem cells, mouse epiblast stem cells, human embryonic stem cells, WNT, MEK, LIF
E.A. Dzierzak (Elaine) , D. Huylebroeck (Danny) , D. ten Berge (Derk)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Developmental Biology

Neagu, A. (2020, January 14). Signal Balance as a Pluripotency Determinant: In vitro modeling of in vivo pluripotency states with WNT, FGF and BMP. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from