More than 60% of the breast cancer patients are diagnosed at an early stage, these patients have excellent oncological outcomes, with a 5-year relative survival of 98.8%. This thesis describes interventions to improve treatment accuracy and reducing side effects of both the surgical and radiation treatment of early stage breast cancer patients.

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Keywords Breast cancer, breast conserving surgery, brachytherapy, partial breast irradiation, side effects, treatment accuracy, patient satisfaction, target definition, tumor localization, treatment burden, skin toxicity, skin spacer, hydrogel
Promotor C. Verhoef (Kees) , J.-P. Pignol (Jean-Philippe) , T.M.A.L. Klem (Taco)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Funding was provided by Stichting Theia (grant 2016244), Stichting Coolsingel (grant 444), Franciscus Vriendenfonds and Stichting Borstkanker Onderzoek Rotterdam.
ISBN 978-94-028-1917-5
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Struik, G.M. (2020, February 6). Improving Treatment Accuracy and Reducing Side Effects of Breast Conserving Therapy to increase patient satisfaction in early stage breast cancer. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from