Objective: Leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis with single-dose rifampicin (SDRPEP) has proven effective and feasible, and is recommended by WHO since 2018. This SDR-PEP toolkit was developed through the experience of the leprosy postexposure prophylaxis (LPEP) programme. It has been designed to facilitate and standardise the implementation of contact tracing and SDR-PEP administration in regions and countries that start the intervention.
Results: Four tools were developed, incorporating the current evidence for SDRPEP and the methods and learnings from the LPEP project in eight countries.
(1) the SDR-PEP policy/advocacy PowerPoint slide deck which will help to inform policy makers about the evidence, practicalities and resources needed for SDR-PEP,
(2) the SDR-PEP field implementation training PowerPoint slide deck to be used to train front line staff to implement contact tracing and PEP with SDR,
(3) the SDR-PEP generic field guide which can be used as a basis to create a location specific field protocol for contact tracing and SDR-PEP serving as a reference for frontline field staff. Finally,
(4) the SDR-PEP toolkit guide, summarising the different components of the toolkit and providing instructions on its optimal use.
Conclusion: In response to interest expressed by countries to implement contact tracing and leprosy PEP with SDR in the light of the WHO recommendation of SDRPEP, this evidence-based, concrete yet flexible toolkit has been designed to serve national leprosy programme managers and support them with the practical means to translate policy into practice. The toolkit is freely accessible on the Infolep homepages and updated as required: https://www.leprosy-information.org/keytopic/leprosy-postexposure-prophylaxis-lpep-programme.

Leprosy, LPEP, Prophylaxis, Rifampicin, Single-dose, Toolkit
Leprosy Review
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Barth-Jaeggi, T. (Tanja), Cavaliero, A. (Arielle), Aerts, A. (Ann), Anand, S. (Sunil), Arif, M. (Mohammad), Ay, S.S. (Sao Sarady), … Steinmann, P. (2019). Leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis with single-dose rifampicin. Leprosy Review, 90(4), 356–363. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/124260