The integrity of DNA is continuously challenged by genotoxic insults from both endogenous and exogenous origin. Damaged DNA disrupts essential cellular functions such as replication and transcription, and can lead to mutagenesis, senescence, and apoptosis. If unrepaired, these DNA lesion may ultimately contribute to aging, or cause mutations that may give rise to cancer. To counteract these deleterious consequences, cells are equipped with an intricate network of highly regulated processes that orchestrate the recognition and dedicated repair of DNA lesions and the activation of DNA damage-induced cell signaling pathways. In this thesis we investigated the cellular consequences of DNA-damage induced transcription stress, with a special focus on the regulation of RNA polymerase II function after UV irradiation.

Transcription, RNA polymerase II, DNA repair
W. Vermeulen (Wim) , J.A. Marteijn (Jurgen)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Department of Molecular Genetics

Steurer, B. (2019, December 10). DNA damage-induced transcription stress : a focus on RNA polymerase II. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from