Miniaturized fluorescence microscopes (miniscopes) have been instrumental to monitor neural signals during unrestrained behavior and their open-source versions have made them affordable. Often, the footprint and weight of open-source miniscopes is sacrificed for added functionality. Here, we present NINscope: a light-weight miniscope with a small footprint that integrates a high-sensitivity image sensor, an inertial measurement unit and an LED driver for an external optogenetic probe. We use it to perform the first concurrent cellular resolution recordings from cerebellum and cerebral cortex in unrestrained mice, demonstrate its optogenetic stimulation capabilities to examine cerebello-cerebral or cortico-striatal connectivity, and replicate findings of action encoding in dorsal striatum. In combination with cross-platform acquisition and control software, our miniscope is a versatile addition to the expanding tool chest of open-source miniscopes that will increase access to multi-region circuit investigations during unrestrained behavior.

cerebellum, cerebral cortex, imaging, miniscope, mouse, neuroscience, striatum,
Department of Neuroscience

de Groot, A. (Andres), van den Boom, B.J. (Bastijn Jg), van Genderen, R.M. (Romano M.), Coppens, J. (Joris), van Veldhuijzen, J. (John), Bos, J. (Joop), … Hoogland, T.M. (2020). NINscope, a versatile miniscope for multi-region circuit investigations. eLife, 9. doi:10.7554/eLife.49987