This article develops and defends a triadic account of structural domination, according to which structural domination (e.g. patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism) is a triadic relation between dominator(s), dominated, and regulator(s)—the constitutive domination dyad plus those roles and norms expressively upholding it. The article elaborates on the relationship between structure and agency from the perspective of both oppressor and oppressed and discusses the deduction of the concept of the capitalist state from the concept of capitalism. On the basis of these definitions, it shows that structural domination under capitalism presupposes collective power but no joint agency or shared intentions on the part of the dominators.,
Journal of Applied Philosophy
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vrousalis, N. (2020). The Capitalist Cage: Structural Domination and Collective Agency in the Market. In Journal of Applied Philosophy. doi:10.1111/japp.12414