First published in 1998, this volume examines the performance of labour markets against the background of different economic and institutional settings in Western and Eastern Europe. The book gives a clear picture of the mosaic of impressive transformations presently taking place in Western and Eastern European labour markets and provides access to information which was previously either widely dispersed or non-existent. The book gives detailed information about how countries and regions deal with transformations described. The substantive country-wide and regional diversity that is discussed allows the reader to understand the role of labour and institutions in the development of countries and regions. The book is written by labour market and regional experts from the various countries concerned.,
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Department of Econometrics

Van Der Laan, L. (Lambert), & Ruesga, S.M. (Santos M.). (2019). Institutions and regional labour markets in Europe. Institutions and Regional Labour Markets in Europe, 1–299. doi:10.4324/9780429428432