This doctoral dissertation examines the effects of transparency on the daily work of street-level bureaucrats and their interactions with citizens. By studying food and product safety inspectors, this dissertation shows that transparency helps street-level bureaucrats do their job.
By studying citizens’ perceptions of multiple enforcing street-level bureaucrats (e.g. parking wardens), this dissertation reveals that citizens are biased about the street-level bureaucrats they meet, but this does not mean they will make what street-level bureaucrats do transparent to others.

Transparency, Street-level Bureaucracy, Frontline, Citizen-state interactions, Policy Implementation, Enforcement, Regulation
E-H. Klijn (Erik-Hans) , J. Eshuis (Jasper)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
This research was financially supported by the Netherlands Food and Product Safety Authority.
Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

de Boer, N.C. (2020, February 14). On the Outside, Looking in : Understanding Transparency at the Frontline. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from