This doctoral dissertation examines the effects of transparency on the daily work of street-level bureaucrats and their interactions with citizens. By studying food and product safety inspectors, this dissertation shows that transparency helps street-level bureaucrats do their job.
By studying citizens’ perceptions of multiple enforcing street-level bureaucrats (e.g. parking wardens), this dissertation reveals that citizens are biased about the street-level bureaucrats they meet, but this does not mean they will make what street-level bureaucrats do transparent to others.

Transparency, Street-level Bureaucracy, Frontline, Citizen-state interactions, Policy Implementation, Enforcement, Regulation
E-H. Klijn (Erik-Hans) , J. Eshuis (Jasper)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
This research was financially supported by the Netherlands Food and Product Safety Authority.
For copyright reasons there is a partial embargo for this dissertation
Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

de Boer, N.C. (2020, February 14). On the Outside, Looking in : Understanding Transparency at the Frontline. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from