This thesis aimed to fill some of the existing gaps in knowledge regarding the associations between fetal and childhood exposure to various air pollutants ubiquitous in urban areas, with neurological and neuropsychological alterations in children. Our results reinforced the notion that exposure to air pollution in the early years of life is harmful for children’s neurodevelopment.

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Keywords luchtverontreiniging, luchtvervuiling, hersenontwikkeling, epidemiologie, pediatrische bevolking, MRI, volksgezondheid
Promotor H.W. Tiemeier (Henning) , M. Guxens Junyent (Mònica)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Lubczyńska, M.J. (2020, February 18). Down The Road: air pollution exposure, and child's neuropsychological and neurobiological development. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from