The aim of this study was to identify characteristics that are related to higher education teachers' (N = 263) Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) performance, which assesses an important aspect of critical thinking (CT), and their attitudes towards teaching CT more generally. Results of a structural equation model showed that a stronger disposition towards effortful thinking, teaching in a more technological domain, and a higher level of education were related to a better CRT performance. Thinking dispositions were also related to teachers’ perceived relevance of teaching CT. Confidence in CRT performance rather than actual performance was related to perceived competence in teaching CT.

Critical thinking, CRT, Teaching attitudes, Thinking dispositions, Teaching and teacher education, Higher education,
Teaching and Teacher Education

Janssen, E.M, Meulendijks, W, Mainhard, T, Verkoeijen, P.P.J.L, Heijltjes, A.E.G, van Peppen, L.M., & van Gog, T.A.J.M. (2019). Identifying Characteristics Associated with Higher Education Teachers’ Cognitive Reflection Test Performance and Their Attitudes towards Teaching Critical Thinking. Teaching and Teacher Education, 84, 139–149. doi:10.1016/j.tate.2019.05.008