The current dissertation focused on four questions:
1- Can a novel CBM training procedure using pictorial stimuli be used to change interpretation and attention biases in the context of aggression?
2- Do changes in attention or interpretation biases lead to changes in aggression?
3- How do attention and interpretation biases interact in maintaining aggression?
4- Is a combined bias CBM training procedure more effective than a single bias CBM training procedure on both bias and aggression reduction?

I.H.A. Franken (Ingmar) , J. Huijding (Jorg) , B.N. Mayer (Birgit)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The research presented in this dissertation was financially supported by Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University
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Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies

AlMoghrabi, N. (2020, March 5). Cognitive Bias Modification for Aggression-Related Biases of Attention and Interpretation. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from