This thesis presents a number of novel findings in the bone biology field using a combination of bioinformatic, genomic, molecular, and proteomic approaches, and highlights the complexity of the biology and study of osteoblast differentiation. The results described within include the discovery of number of factors affecting osteoblast differentiation, including the Connectivity Map identified compounds: parbendazole, withaferin A, calcium folinate, amylocaine and salbutamol, and the osteoblast lineage specific genes: CLIC3 and MUC1; these findings open up new avenues in the bone biology field for development of bone anabolic therapies. Furthermore, the importance of the cytoskeleton in regulating and influencing osteoblast differentiation is highlighted.

bone, skeleton, osteoblast, mesenchymal stromal cells, differentiation, osteoporosis, MUC1, CLIC3, Connectivity Map
J.P.T.M. van Leeuwen (Hans) , B.C.J. van der Eerden (Bram)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Internal Medicine

Brum-Oome, A.M. (2020, March 20). Building Bone: Human mesenchymal stromal cells and the identification of genes and processes in osteoblast differentiation. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from