In recent years hearing loss has been identified as a promising modifiable risk factor for hearing loss. In this thesis I explored in participants without dementia potential risk factors for hearing function and brain health. Moreover, I was interested in the direct relation between hearing loss and brain health in the elderly

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Keywords age-related hearing loss, brain health, neurodegeneration, epidemiology
Promotor R.J. Baatenburg de Jong (Robert Jan) , M.W. Vernooij (Meike) , M.A. Ikram (Arfan) , A. Goedegebure (Andre)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-6361-416-0
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Croll, P.H. (2020, May 26). Hearing Function and Brain Health in the Elderly: Interrelations and risk factors: The Rotterdam Study. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from