The authors wish to make the following correction to their paper [1]. The same image was mistakenly selected for Figures 2 and 3. The image became replaced as you see in Figure 3 below.,
Department of Virology

Cabral-miranda, G. (Gustavo), Lim, S.M, Mohsen, M.O. (Mona O.), Pobelov, I.V. (Ilya V.), Roesti, E.S. (Elisa S.), Heath, M.D. (Matthew D.), … Bachmann, M.F. (2020). Correction: Zika virus-derived e-diii protein displayed on immunologically optimized vlps induces neutralizing antibodies without causing enhancement of dengue virus infection. vaccines 2019, 7, 72. Vaccines, 8(1). doi:10.3390/vaccines8010094