Introduction: The objective of this retrospective non-randomized study was to evaluate the portal of Neviaser (PN) as an alternative approach in antegrade humeral nailing. Methods: The surgical approach for the straight antegrade intramedullary nail (SAIN) was either the anterolateral delta-split (group 2, n = 79) or the portal of Neviaser (group 3, n = 27). Length of surgery and time of radiation were extracted from charts. Patients stabilized using the PN were followed for a clinical and radiological exam. At follow-up we evaluated the DASH (Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand) and CMS (Constant-Murley Score). Results: Between 10.2015 and 12.2018 191 proximal and diaphyseal humeral fractures were operated using either an angular stable extramedullary device (group 1, PHILOS®, n = 85) or a straight humeral nail (MultiLoc®, n = 106). Time of radiation and intervention followed a normal distribution. The mean length of surgery was 172.9 min (SD 91.5) in group 1, 121.5 min (SD 54.1) in group 2 and 96.4 min (SD 33.7) in group 3 (p < 0.01). Time of radiation was significantly different with 1.1 min (SD 0.6: group 1), 3.1 min (SD 1.6: group 2) and 2.9 min (SD 1.7: group 3) (p < 0.01). After a mean interval of 21.5 months (range 6–43 months) 14 / 27 patients of group 3 were available for a clinical and radiological follow-up. The mean DASH in group 3 was 25, the CMS reached 70. The age and sex weighted CMS mean value was 96%. Forward flexion was 131°, abduction 125°. The ratio of strength affected versus non-affected side was 4.4: 6.2 kg. Conclusions: The portal of Neviaser is a feasible and safe approach and is an alternative to the anterolateral delta-split. Length of surgery and time of radiation were significantly shorter. Level of evidence: IV.

Humerus fracture, Neviaser, Non-randomized, Retrospective, Rotator cuff, Straight nail, Supraspinatus,
Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics
Department of Public Health

Gerich, T. (Torsten), Mouton, C. (Caroline), Jabbarian, L.J, Weydert, J.-P. (Jean-Paul), Hoffmann, A. (Alexander), Pape, D. (Dietrich), & Seil, R. (Romain). (2020). The portal of Neviaser: a valid option for antegrade nailing of humerus fractures. Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics, 7(1). doi:10.1186/s40634-020-00222-0