Background: Several peripheral blood cell counts and immune ratios, such as the systemic immune-inflammation index (SII = platelet x neutrophil count/lymphocyte count) have prognostic value in patients with resectable pancreatic cancer (PDAC). Circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in various aspects of cancer and inflammation. We aimed to identify measurable circulating miRNAs in PDAC patients correlating with systemic inflammation parameters. Methods: A total of 42 PDAC patients was included in this study: twelve in the discovery (n = 6 SII low; n = 6 SII high) and 30 patients in the validation cohort (n = 19 SII low, n = 11 SII high). MiRNAs isolated from preoperative serum samples were measured with a 352 miRNA panel in the discovery cohort and individual miRNA primers in the validation cohort, using RT-qPCR (ID3EAL assays, MiRXES). Results: Only in the discovery cohort miR-328-3p, miR-338-3p, miR-1258 and miR-199b-5p were upregulated in high compared to low SII patients (fold difference ≥ 2, P<0.05). In the total cohort (n = 42) correlations were found between miR-338-3p (r = 0.48, P = 0.002) and miR-199b-5p (r = 0.44, P = 0.005) and the absolute neutrophil count. Conclusion: Circulating miR-338-3p and miR-199b-5p are correlated to the neutrophil count in the blood of PDAC patients, suggesting a potential role of circulating miRNAs in cancer immune evasion and systemic inflammation.

Circulating microRNA, MiR-199b-5p, MiR-338-3p, Neutrophils, Pancreatic cancer, Systemic immune-inflammation index,
Clinica Chimica Acta
Department of Surgery

van der Sijde, F. (Fleur), Vietsch, E.E, Mustafa, D.A.M, Li, Y. (Yunlei), & van Eijck, C.H.J. (2020). Serum miR-338-3p and miR-199b-5p are associated with the absolute neutrophil count in patients with resectable pancreatic cancer. Clinica Chimica Acta, 505, 183–189. doi:10.1016/j.cca.2020.03.005